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African elephant books and videos

Recommendations on elephant videos and books from the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa - home to the biggest elephants in the the world.

Highly recommended for Children
"Walking with Beasts (a Prehistoric Safari)"
by Times Haynes

Also Walking with Dinasaurs"
by Times Haynes

Highly recommended
"Africa's Elephant"
by Martin Meredith

Just published elephant book by acclaimed African expert Martin Meredith who has written the first full biography of the elephant - wide-ranging, moving and never less than fascinating in his travels through the history and present of 'Nature's great masterpiece' (John Donne).

Also highly recommended
"The Eye of the Elephant : An Epic
Adventure in the African Wilderness
by Delia Owens, Mark Owens

A second story of the Owens's exceptional experiences in the wildlife habitats of Africa.(The first book is Cry of the Kalahari). The Eye of the Elephant is a warm and personal story of saving the endangered elephants of Zambia. The reader becomes as anxious for the survival of the Owens's as for the survival of the elephants, and the people of Africa. Eye opening to the problems encountered in doing something so noble......

Highly recomended VIDEO
"Ultimate Guide - Elephants"

Touching and informative, this video explores and explains elephants - their body structure, physiology, sociology and communication - in great depth and with great sensitivity. Unusual footage of a group of elephants rescuing a baby elephant stuck in the mud, and an illustration of the elephants' teeth were my favorite parts. There is a small segment of a scientist dissecting some elephant parts to increase understanding of how elephants are put together and function, which may be a little too graphic for some. The final segment covers the elephants' amazing memory abilities and speculates on elephants other mental capacities. Filled with interesting facts you may never have heard before. Well worth watching again and again.

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